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mariage paris
cérémonie laïque marseille
Officiante Marseille

After a master degree in Logistics and International Purchasing, I worked for 10 years as a Purchaser.

Project management allowed me to develop my autonomy, my versatility, to be efficient under pressure and to be reactive.


I decided to change my career path during a solo trip to Japan.

Being expansive and generous by nature, I wanted to actively participate in moments of happiness.

The world of weddings appeared to me as an obvious choice! 

Living and sharing moments of joy is for me a way to let the light of my childish soul comes out.


For your ceremony or your D-Day, I invest myself 100% with enthusiasm and dynamism, so that you can fully enjoy this moment and your loved ones. 



Certified Wedding Planner

French Wedding Officiant

French I English I Spanish spoken


Wedding Planner

I support, with dynamism, humor and kindness, the trendy couples who wish to surround themselves with a united team of quality providers for a nice and smooth wedding.

I support you and supervise the different aspects of your wedding, from the conception to the dismantling, by adapting my offer, according to your needs and your budget, so that you keep a sweet memory of your Big Day.


I support, always with dynamism, humor and kindness, the trendy couples who wish to celebrate their Love during a ceremony full of emotions. 

I advise you on the organization and the details of your ceremony, from its writing to its celebration, respecting your desires, with the objective of getting to know you, in order to honor your personalities and your story.


In love with Love

of people in love, of all these attentions and crazy things made by Love


by life, by sharing moments, by the beauty of simple things (and by food too)



I like to lead, to plan ...

I especially like a well done job & to surround myself with partners who share my values 


Hyper active

full of life, always trying new activities and challenging myself


I always give nicknames to people I appreciate, I also use a lot of words not listed in the Larousse (famous French Dictionary)



simple and true, I make sure that people around me feel "at home"

mariage marseille
Cérémonie Laïque Marseille
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